How to disable automatic port adjusting in System Composer?

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Jani Ojala
Jani Ojala on 23 Feb 2022
Commented: Jani Ojala on 29 Apr 2022
Is it possible to disabe automatic port spacing in System Composer design? In some cases it would be useful to manually adjust ports into groups on component edge. For example port 1 and port 2 would be close to each others, but port 3 would have a longer distance to port 2 on the same edge of a component. That would clarify the design.

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Josh Kahn
Josh Kahn on 21 Mar 2022
Hey there,
Port spacing is not manually adjustable in System Composer but there are workarounds like putting one component into a wrapper component and then grouping signals into interfaces using either dot notation or the interface adapter.
Here's some help on how to create and use interfaces:
Here' some help on using the interface adapter:
And here's an example showing dot notation:
Hope this helps,
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Jani Ojala
Jani Ojala on 29 Apr 2022
Thank you for your help. This solves partly my problem. However, it would be very nice feature to adjust also port placements to make the diagram easier to read. For example for avoiding unnecessary angles in the connections and also make visual groupping.

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