(Windows 10) Limiting GPU access: What is the default file location of the functional MATLAB application?

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I am trying to specify which of the two GPUs in my computer (Surface Book 3, Intel Iris Plus Graphics and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650) that MATLAB has access to. In Windows 10 Settings>System>Display>Graphics there is a graphics performance preference setting that will restrict certain applications to using one or the other of these two GPUs. When I select that matlab.exe that can be found in C:\Program Files\MATLAB\202xx\bin the setting applies to "MATLAB Starter Application". This makes sense, as the MATLAB symbol on the task bar closes during startup immediately prior to opening what seems to be the actual MATLAB application that I interface with. In addition to this, I have also used the NVIDIA Control Panel to disable Matlab's access to the NVIDIA processor. This has proven ineffective, as running MATLAB with the Task Manager>Performance tab shows that the NVIDIA processor usage % still goes up when I run a script that uses 3D graphics. Finally, I installed the Parallel Computing Toolbox in an attempt to use the gpuDevice([]) command to disable the NVIDIA GPU, but this has also not changed MATLAB's access to that GPU. My current hope is that by selecting the location of the application that opens after the Starter application has run its course in the Windows graphics settings, I can actually disable its access.
As an aside, the whole point of all this is so that my Surface doesn't force me to close MATLAB when I attempt to detach the screen. All this nonsense could be avoided if I knew any other way of doing that than disabling MATLAB's access to the GPU, but I have not found an answer to that elsewhere.

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Joss Knight
Joss Knight le 10 Mar 2022
Deselecting the device for use for computation doesn't stop MATLAB using it for graphics.
The actual exe you're looking for is in the bin\win64 folder.
You can also try starting MATLAB with the -softwareopengl startup option.


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