Randomly generate a vector containing integers. Extract items from odd positions using a single command line

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Hi guys. How can i randomly generate a vector containing integers and extract items from odd positions using a single command line?
Thank you!

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Konrad on 3 Mar 2022
Edited: Konrad on 3 Mar 2022
Hi Dacian,
indexing an expression (e.g. randi(100,10,1)(1:2:9)) is not possible in Matlab.
Here is a workaround using groupsummary() that generates 10 random integers between 1 and 100 and returns the numbers at odd indices:
groupsummary(randi(100,10,1), reshape(repmat(1:2:10,2,1),[],1), @(x)x(1))
ans = 5×1
7 98 61 16 93
You can also put this into an anonymous function (although if creating an anonymous function first is an option, there would be much simpler solutions, of course):
randi_oddIdx = @(imax,n)groupsummary(randi(imax,n,1), reshape(repmat(1:2:n,2,1),[],1), @(x)x(1))
Note that this only works for even numbers of random integers!
Best, Konrad

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 3 Mar 2022
Does not require that the number of values is even.
Seems pointless to me unless you are carefully controlling the random seed. Just wastes time and is unclear. The numbers are not more random by taking every second one instead of all of them.


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