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How to save network obtained from a loop to use it for prediction?

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Nurliana Farhana Salehuddin
Dear MATLAB users,
I trained my data in a loop (N=10), and I found that network{2} provides the best results. How do I save this specific network so that I can use it for prediction later with test data.
Thank you

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VINAYAK LUHA le 4 Jan 2024
Modifié(e) : VINAYAK LUHA le 4 Jan 2024
Hello Nurliana,
I understand that you're training a series of neural networks within MATLAB and you wish to preserve one particular network—namely network{2}—for subsequent predictions using test data.
Here is the step by step explanation to achieve the above objective -
1.To store network{2}, you can apply the MATLAB "save" function in the following manner:
bestNetwork = network{2};
save('DestinationFolderPath\bestNetwork.mat', 'bestNetwork');
2.To retrieve the saved network back into your workspace, use the MATLAB "load" function:
load('bestNetwork.mat', 'bestNetwork');
3. For making predictions with your test data - testX , the syntax would be
testY = bestNetwork(testX');
You can refer to the following documentation for more details about the MATLAB "save" and "load" functions-
Hope this helps you to understand how to save and reuse trained neural network in MATLAB.
Vinayak Luha


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