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Find the bandwidth of a signal

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Tu Nguyen
Tu Nguyen le 4 Mar 2022
Réponse apportée : Tushar le 29 Sep 2023
How can I find the bandwidth of the signal in the attached picture?
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KSSV le 4 Mar 2022
HAve you tried powerbw ?

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Tushar le 29 Sep 2023
I understand that you want to find the bandwidth of the signal attached above.
To find the bandwidth of a signal in MATLAB, the 'powerbw' function can be used. 'powerbw(x)' returns the 3-dB (half-power) bandwidth 'bw' of the input signal 'x'. Here is an example:
% Generate a test signal
Fs = 1000; % Sample rate
t = 0:1/Fs:1; % Time vector
f = 10; % Signal frequency
x = sin(2*pi*f*t); % Sinusoidal signal
% Calculate the bandwidth using powerbw
bw = powerbw(x, Fs);
% Display the results
disp(['Bandwidth: ', num2str(bw), ' Hz']);
Bandwidth: 0.15027 Hz
For more information on 'powerbw' function, refer to the below linked documentation:
Hope this helps!

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