Labels not showing up on Graphs

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Jason on 12 Dec 2014
Commented: Jason on 12 Dec 2014
This has been driving me crazy all morning. for some reason, my request to label an axes isn't working:
Yet, from the command window below, the strings are being assigned - they are just not showing up on the graph.

Accepted Answer

Robert Cumming
Robert Cumming on 12 Dec 2014
Edited: Robert Cumming on 12 Dec 2014
you are creating variables called xlabel and ylabel, you need to do:
xlabel ( gTitles(1) )
ylabel ( gTitles(2) )
or better use the axes handle:
xlabel ( handles.axes1, gTitles(1) )
ylabel ( handles.axes1, gTitles(2) )
Note: You will need to clear the variables you created by mistake.
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Jason on 12 Dec 2014
Oh yes, the equals sign...Should have spotted it. Thankyou very much. Jason

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