HW/SW Co-Design with AXI4-Stream Using analog device ADRV9002

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Arash Jafari
Arash Jafari on 6 Mar 2022
Edited: Arash Jafari on 7 Mar 2022
Hello all,
In the MATLAB Help center, I found documentation on HW/SW Co-Design with AXI4-Stream Using Analog Devices AD9361/AD9364.
I was wondering if I can use HDL workflow Advisor to generate HDL IP core and SW interface model which is capable to target and communicate with ADRV9002 instead of AD936x.
If not what are the alternatives to perform HW/SW co-simulation/design targeting Xilinx Zynq platform (e.g. ZC706 EVAL board) in combination with ADRV9002 RF transceiver.
Kind Regards

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Noam Levine
Noam Levine on 7 Mar 2022
Arash - Currently, the ADRV9002 is not supported natively from MATLAB and Simulink. In order to get support, you would need to look at the following:
  • Zynq-to-ADRV9002 interface: Check with Analog Devices to see if the HDL IP is available to provide the interface between the Zynq PL and the transceiver. A good place to start is the Software Interface Tools Forum on ADI's Engineer Zone, or their Wiki pages, like this HDL User Guide.
  • Custom Target Definition: Because the ADRV9002 is not suppored natively in MATLAB and Simuilnk, you would need to create your own custom target. The Analog Devices Transceiver Toolbox enables the connection of several different Analog Devices transceivers to MATLAB and Simulink through Xilinx hardware. Some combinations enable targeting, and some only support streaming data (the ADRV9002 is not supported currently). Analog Devices makes all of the source code for these interfaces available on their GitHub, so you could potentially use that as a template for your own target.
I'd be interested in learning more about your application and your use of the ADRV9002 with MATLAB and Simulink. Please contact me via adi-expert@mathworks.com and we can discuss this in more detail.
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Arash Jafari
Arash Jafari on 7 Mar 2022
Dear Noam,
Thank you for your reply!
Im already using Libiio for communicating with both boards from MATLAB and Simulink by creating an iio system object through MATLAB System block in Simulink.
It would be much more convinient if Mathwork can integrate on all ADI EVBs through Xilinx zynq base radio.
Of course, I'll drop you an email as soon as I accomplished my HIL test.
Kind Regards

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