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Raspberry Pi solver issue in Simulink

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A.S le 8 Mar 2022
I am trying to view the result of a system on the green LED of my Pi. The model I have used is the closed loop engine model from Simulink library and by attaching the output to a subsystem, I wanted to trigger the light should the rpm surpasses a certain amount. The model works fine by itself in local mode but as soon as I put the related blocks for my pi and deploy it to the hardware the output is completely ruined. The desired output fluctuates between 2000 rpm and 3000 rpm, but the output from the scope after deployment shows irrelevant values.
Here is my entire model

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Debadipto le 7 Fév 2024
Hi @A.S,
It is hard to tell the root cause of the issue without looking into the specific hardware and setup you're using. One possibility could be that the issue might lie in the Raspberry Pi itself. Please see attached document for detailed instructions and troubleshooting tips on how to setup the network connection between Raspberry Pi and Simulink.


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