How to create a boundary along the edges for 3d plot?

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Hello MATLAB Community,
I am having a problem creating boundary line for the point cloud as shown in the below image in RED colour.
(Note: the below image is taken from MATLAB blogs)
here is my code and excel document consisting of around 14000 points:
A = readmatrix('points435');
My code runs a part of the problem I am working on.
The image shown above is different from the results of the code attached.
I only need to trace a line along the boundary of the point cloud which is 3d.
Can anyone please help me with any suggestions.
Thank you in advance!!
I really appreciate your help.
Kind regards,

Accepted Answer

Benjamin Thompson
Benjamin Thompson on 8 Mar 2022
There is a function called "boundary" that should work for you. Type "help boundary" or "doc boundary" for more information.
Shiv Karpoor
Shiv Karpoor on 9 Mar 2022
Hi Benjamin,
I tried your method on the actual problem I am working on and I am glad to inform you that it worked.
Thanks for your help! I really appreciate it.

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Max Alger-Meyer
Max Alger-Meyer on 8 Mar 2022
So this is actually a pretty complicated problem. Luckily for you, someone already wrote and posted the code for this exact situation:
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Shiv Karpoor
Shiv Karpoor on 9 Mar 2022
Hi Max,
I had a look at the link, its quite complicated.
But since my Z values are constant all the time, Benjamin provided a solution to trace the boundary.
Anyways, thanks for the suggestion.

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