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importrobot but can not show visual geometries.

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Chuguang Pan
Chuguang Pan le 10 Mar 2022
I try to import a robot model by using importrobot function with the input is a Simscape Multibody model. However, when I show the imported rigidBodyTree model, it only shows a skeleton model without any visual geometries. I suspect that visual meshs should be STL format, since that my geometries files are STEP format.

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Hannes Daepp
Hannes Daepp le 10 Mar 2022
Hi Chuguang,
You're correct -- in order for the visuals to appear in the import, they need to be STL or DAE format (DAE format requires R2021b or newer).
If, after converting to either of these formats you still face issues, make sure that importrobot is finding the directory correctly; you can set the directory explicitly via the MeshPath Name-Value pair:
We are aware of the need to support other files and are considering supporting those in the future.

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