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expression error in Documentation

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Chuguang Pan
Chuguang Pan le 16 Mar 2022
Commenté : Steven Lord le 16 Mar 2022
I think the expression in the image shown below should be , whose derivative is equal to ! Documentation Link
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Stephen23 le 16 Mar 2022
Make a bug report (yes, they have a category for mistakes in the documentation) by clicking on "Report a Bug" here:
Steven Lord
Steven Lord le 16 Mar 2022
Another way to report documentation errors is to select a number of stars for the "How useful was this information?" prompt at the end of the documentation page. Once you enter a number of stars you can also offer free text feedback and that goes directly to the documentation staff.

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Jan le 16 Mar 2022
Yes, this sounds reasonable.
Send this information to MathWorks as an enhancement request. You find the "Contact Support" link on the bottom of this page. (Most of) The members of the forum are voluntary Matlab users and they cannot change the documentation.

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