How can I solve this problem using if-else statement?

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Consider the following continuous mathematical function y =f(x):
y = 1 for x < -1
y = x^2 for -1 <= x <= 2
y = 4 for x > 2
Using if-else statement, write a script named findY.m that promotes the user for a value for x and returns a value for y using the function y = f(x).
Voss on 17 Mar 2022
You might use the input() function to prompt the user for a value of x, and you might use if-elseif-else statements, based on the value of x, to determine which one of those three equations for y you need to use.

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Kumar Pallav
Kumar Pallav on 21 Mar 2022
You can solve the problem by using the conditional statements (if/else).Please refer this link for more on if/elseif/else staements.
To take user input, use the input command.
You can create scripts in MATLAB which are the simplest codes having no input or output arguments. Refer to this to learn more on writing scripts in MATLAB with examples.
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