Support for RFSoC 2x2 kit for academics

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Is there a template or can I create a template for the
RFSoC 2x2 kit for academics
The RFSoC 2x2 is much cheaper than the RFSoC currently supported and as a result, more likely to be used.
If so, what steps should I take in creating a template / board file.
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Douglas Morrison
Douglas Morrison on 31 May 2022
I asked the same question. Still waiting. Crickets only so far.

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Chandra Adusumalli
Chandra Adusumalli on 30 Aug 2022
Hi Peter Hobden,
You can use this RFSoC Template - MATLAB & Simulink ( RFSoC template from SoC Blockset to create your RFSoC 2x2 model.
Chandra Adusumalli
Bhanu Medasani
Bhanu Medasani on 1 Sep 2022
Hi Peter Hobden,
As of now SOC Blockset supports the following RFSoC Evaluation kits out of the box.
  1. ZCU111 Evaluation kit.
  2. ZCU216 Evaluation kit
  3. ZCU208 Evaluation kit
For RFSoC platforms that are not supported you need to follow the process mentioned in the links below to enable support in SoC Blockset.
  1. Board Support - MATLAB & Simulink (
  2. Operating System (OS) Customization - MATLAB & Simulink (
Once this process is complete you should be able to use all the existing features of SOC Blockset on the RFSOC 2x2 Kit.

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