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A rounding problem that falls under ceil and round

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SETH GERSBACH le 20 Mar 2022
Commenté : SETH GERSBACH le 20 Mar 2022
I would like to round a number up to the nearest 100 place
x = 20
y = round(x)
y = 100
I'm doing this to record the maximun possible value, I know ceil will always round up but I can't set it to a set value
here is the current code
distance = 50; % Distance the package will travel (Km)
distnace_check = round(distance,-2);

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AndresVar le 20 Mar 2022
Modifié(e) : AndresVar le 20 Mar 2022
How about
x=[0 20 50 100 101 900 901 1234]; % test numbers
y = ceil(x/100)*100
y = 1×8
0 100 100 100 200 900 1000 1300
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SETH GERSBACH le 20 Mar 2022
Thank you, it does work and I now understand how.
By dividing the value by 100, it then ceil makes the value below a decimal point to round up to the desired value before converting back to the 100 place.

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