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In this example on MATLAB for "Train Network for Time Series Forecasting Using Deep Network Designer" tutorial there is an error in line 27. What do i do next

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net = predictAndUpdateState(trainedNetwork_1,XTrain);
HERE IT SAYS 'trainedNetwork_1' is an unrecongnised function or variable.
[net,YPred] = predictAndUpdateState(net,YTrain(end));
numTimeStepsTest = numel(XTest);
for i = 2:numTimeStepsTest
[net,YPred(:,i)] = predictAndUpdateState(net,YPred(:,i-1),'ExecutionEnvironment','cpu');

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yanqi liu
yanqi liu le 25 Mar 2022
yes,sir,if you design trainedNetwork_1 ,may be should train it first,then use predict to use the trained model


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