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How to solve the error when trying to convert a DAGNetwork to ONNX?

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Hao Ding
Hao Ding le 27 Mar 2022
Commenté : Hao Ding le 31 Mar 2022
I use Matlab R2021b and toolbox Converter for ONNX model version 21.2.
I only used these code:
filename = "pointnetplusTrained.onnx";
My net here has a value of 1X1 DAGNetwork and looks like this
The model is trained the same as Matlab documentation:
Error message shows below
Error using containers.Map/subsref
The specified key is not present in this container.
Error in nnet.internal.cnn.onnx.ConverterForConvolutionLayers/toOnnx (line 19)
inputTensorLayout = TensorLayoutMap(inputTensorNames{1});
Error in nnet.internal.cnn.onnx.ConverterForNetwork/networkToGraphProto (line 115)
= toOnnx(layerConverter, nodeProtos, TensorNameMap, TensorLayoutMap);
Error in nnet.internal.cnn.onnx.ConverterForNetwork/toOnnx (line 45)
modelProto.graph = networkToGraphProto(this);
Error in nnet.internal.cnn.onnx.exportONNXNetwork (line 17)
modelProto = toOnnx(converter);
Error in exportONNXNetwork (line 38)
nnet.internal.cnn.onnx.exportONNXNetwork(Network, filename, varargin{:});
Error in untitled3 (line 3)
Thanks in advance.

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Don Mathis
Don Mathis le 29 Mar 2022
Unfortunately, this is a bug in the ONNX exporter. If you are able to edit your MATLAB source code, you can fix it as follows:
In MATLAB, enter
edit nnet.internal.cnn.onnx.ConverterForUnsupportedLayer
Then change line 42 from
if isequal(OutputNames, {'out'})
if numel(OutputNames)==1

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