how can i detect sky

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Eren Aslan
Eren Aslan le 29 Mar 2022
Commenté : Adam Danz le 30 Mar 2022
I want to detect sky in a image and chang it colour to black.How can i do that?
For example this image:
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Sam Chak
Sam Chak le 29 Mar 2022
@Eren Aslan Are you trying to develop the MATLAB-based "Magic Wand"? Sound like an interesting project!

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yanqi liu
yanqi liu le 30 Mar 2022
yes,sir,for more image,may be use DeepLearning to segment
but just for this image,we can use some simple method,such as
im = imread('');
jm = rgb2lab(im);
s = imcomplement(mat2gray(jm(:,:,3)));
bw = im2bw(s, graythresh(s));
im2 = im;
% make sky to black
r = im2(:,:,1);g = im2(:,:,2);b = im2(:,:,3);
r(bw) = 0; g(bw) = 0; b(bw) = 0;
im2 = cat(3,r,g,b);
subplot(2,2,1); imshow(im,[]);
subplot(2,2,2); imshow(s,[]);
subplot(2,2,3); imshow(bw,[]);
subplot(2,2,4); imshow(im2,[]);
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Adam Danz
Adam Danz le 30 Mar 2022
Nice work!

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