FMC+ Connector in SoC Blockset for Xilinx Devices

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Hassaan Saeed
Hassaan Saeed le 1 Avr 2022
I am using SoC Blockset Support Package for Xilinx Devices and trying to interface ZCU216 Evaluation Board. In addition to RFMC and Leds/ Push-Buttons, I want to use FMC+ connector for digital IO (see attached doc). Using Soc-Model-Creator, all external I/O interfaces except FMC can be configured/ accessed (see attached doc).
Can you please guide me, how can I configure and use FMC+ connector of ZCU216 using Matlab SOC blockset of Xilinx decices?
Does mathworks team plan to add FMC interface in Soc-Model-Creator in future versions?
Thank you
I have installed hardware support package for Xilinx devices
Board Interface of ZCU 216
I am trying to interface ZCU216 Evaluation Board using the Soc Model Creator. But there is no interface for FMC+ connector.
Now using the Soc Model Creator, I get
As you can see there is no FMC+ connector in external I/O interfaces.

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Patrick le 2 Fév 2024
Hi Hassaan,
since my research group and I faced the same problem, I did some research on this community site and found this answer:
I hope this can help.




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