How does los2 work?

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sarit yaniv
sarit yaniv le 10 Avr 2022
Réponse apportée : Chandu le 25 Avr 2022
How does los2 work? I cant understand the parameter R..
How do I generate it and what does it mean?
Thank you,

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Chandu le 25 Avr 2022
Los2 computes the mutual visibility between two points on a digital elevation map.
vis = los2(Z, R, lat1, lon1, lat2, lon2)
The parameter R can be a geographic reference object or a referencing vector or a referencing matrix. R can be generated as following,
If R is a geographic raster reference object, its RasterSize property must be consistent with size(Z).
If R is a referencing vector, it must be a 1-by-3 with elements:
[cells/degree northern_latitude_limit western_longitude_limit]
If R is a referencing matrix, it must be 3-by-2 and transform raster row and column indices to or from geographic coordinates according to:
[lon lat] = [row col 1] * R
If R is a referencing matrix, it must define a (non-rotational, non-skewed) relationship in which each column of the data grid falls along a meridian and each row falls along a parallel.
You can also refer to los2 MathWorks Documentation for future reference


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