1D Spline from 2D Skalar Field

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Hello community,
I have a problem.
I have a 2D skalar-field and need support points to describe the red curve.
The red curve is any curve that projects a straight line onto the z=0 plane.
Below you can see a Plot of the 2D skalar-Flied, which I have as a matrix.
In addition, I have the mathematical description of the dark red line.
What are the z values of the light red line? (which I have inserted with Paint)
Thankyou for your Help.
Greetings, Florian

Accepted Answer

Florian Flaig
Florian Flaig on 12 Apr 2022
copy of marc li:
OK, if your surface data are X, Y and Z and your dark red line data are x and y, you can get data of the red line about z axis:
z = interp2(X,Y,Z,x,y);
and plot the red line:
hold on;

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mark li
mark li on 11 Apr 2022
You may get information of the curve by handles.
Firstly, you get the handle of the figure by gcf, the figure have three children which are a surface and two lines. The code is shown as
Child = get(gcf, 'Children');
The Child may be 3x1 handles, and you can :
get(child(1)), get(child(2)), get(child(3))
According to result, you select proper index.
Florian Flaig
Florian Flaig on 12 Apr 2022
Thank you very mouch marc. Now it works. :-)

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