Usage of SIFT and SURF

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SATISH SONWANE le 11 Avr 2022
Commenté : SATISH SONWANE le 18 Avr 2022
Is it that for image classification, SIFT and SURF can only be used with Bag of Words and SVM? Can't someone directly feed SIFT and SURF features to classifiers like KNN, decision tree etc.?

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Birju Patel
Birju Patel le 14 Avr 2022
You can use SURF or SIFT (or any other image feature) to train other types of classifiers beyond SVM. In the end, the extracted features are nothing more than numeric vectors.
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SATISH SONWANE le 18 Avr 2022
Thank you for the answer. Its that i tried coding first and then asked the question. May be i didnt do it correctly. Will try to code again and revert if anything goes wrong again.

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