Can you get the maximal intensity of an frame in preview

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I am using preview for having an live feed of the camera. I would like to also display the maximal intensity of each frame with the streaming video. The maximal intensity is to be sent to app.MaxIntensityStream.Value.
My code for dispalying preview:
[app.img, app.ts] = snapshot(app.g);
app.imHandle = imagesc(app.UIAxes, app.img);
app.hdata = preview(app.g, app.imHandle); % app.hdata.CData
app.MaxIntensityStream.Value = double(max(max(max(app.imHandle.CData))));
But its not showing any intensity change during the video feed or when i change the exposure time of camera handle app.g, only shows the intensity in the first frame (as it seems).
What am I doing wrong?
Happy PhD
Happy PhD on 13 Apr 2022
I tried that but it doesn't work. I don't stop the preview. How can You make that work?

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Accepted Answer

Happy PhD
Happy PhD on 13 Apr 2022
Problem was solved by taking snapshot and find the maximal value in the frame.

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