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How to upload multiple images in matlab

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NURUL FARHANAH le 17 Avr 2022
Réponse apportée : Shaima le 19 Déc 2023
how can i upload multiple images in matlab?
i have a total of 40 files, each files contains 10 images
how do i upload all the images, which in total = 400 images in matlab?

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Tala le 19 Avr 2022
Modifié(e) : Tala le 19 Avr 2022
you have several options depending on your goal. look at Batch Processing App. or this simple code:
for i=1:400
FileName=strcat('Image',num2str(i),'.jpg'); % assuming they the name is "Image1.jpg" , "Image2.jpg",
% your code

Shaima le 19 Déc 2023
Write a MATLAB code in the online MATLAB. Upload three image files in the MATLAB drive and reference these images in the code and print the image in the different subplots of the size 12. You may consider your own matrix. The images with different transformations are preferable in each subplot.


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