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How to RUN Python Function in R2022a

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Mohd Khairi Mohd Zambri
Mohd Khairi Mohd Zambri le 20 Avr 2022
I have 2 different version of MATLAB R2021a and R2022a
I try to run a python function in matlab and the python function script are as follow:
def myfunc(x):
if x%2==0:
print("It is an even number")
print('It is an odd number')
Then I try to call py.Hello.myfunc(6) in R2021a -- it work with the result print "It is an even number"
But in R2022a is says "Unable to resolve the name 'py.Hello.myfunc' ".
Can Someone help on this matter for R2022a

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Harshit Gupta
Harshit Gupta le 26 Avr 2022
It is my understanding that you are getting the error “Unable to resolve the name py.myfunc” while trying to run a Python function in MATLAB R2022a.
MATLAB automatically loads Python when you type py. followed by a Python statement at the MATLAB command prompt. If MATLAB displays this message, a failure has occurred in the call to myfunc.
Unable to resolve the name py.myfunc
Please refer to the below documentation page to troubleshoot the failure:


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