Comparing Means from Probability Distributions using aoctool and multcompare

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Hello MATLAB community,
I have data from multiple samples that creates a normal distribution in semi-log space (logarithmic on the x-axis). I am interested in comparing the x-values for statistical differences in mean. I have multiple distributions to compare and am planning to use aoctool in combination with multcompare in order to utilize the Tukey multiple comparisons adjustment. Through the fit function, I have been able to extract the mean and standard deviation of these datasets.
The next step is where I am encountering the problem. The aoctool expects an input of the raw data and tries to fit a linear regression to it which is not what I am trying to do. I also need the output of the aoctool in order to utilize the multcompare function. What are your suggestions for getting around this and comparing the data? I have included an examples of my data below.
Thanks for your time

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Jeff Miller
Jeff Miller on 20 Apr 2022
Maybe I am missing something but from your description it sounds like you could compare the mean log(x) values of the different tests with anova1 and then use multcompare.

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