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How to send any type of parameters in update-function to output-function in simulink s-function?

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I try to show 'ax' in output, so I send 'ax' to output by adding it to the state vector 'x'.
But, it is not a good idea when the size of 'ax' vector is increasing. It will increase computation time because dim. of state increases.
global 'ax' doesn't work at all.
any suggestions?
function sys=mdlUpdate(t,x,u)
dt = 0.01;
Td = u;
% Numerical Integration
x_prev = x(1);
x(1) = x(1) + Td*dt; % Euler integration
ax = (x(1)-x_prev)/dt;
x(2) = ax;
sys = [x(1) x(2)];
function sys=mdlOutputs(t,x,u)
ax = x(2);
sys = [x(1) ax];

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Pavan Sahith
Pavan Sahith le 20 Oct 2023
I understand you are trying to pass a parameter ‘ax’ in the update function to output function of the Simulink S-function block.
As a workaround you can try “ssSetUserData and “ssGetUserData functions which uses the S-function’s user data.
Please refer to this sample code to understand the use of ssSetUserData” and “ssGetUserData function.
%In update-function you can use these
% Retrieve 'ax' from the userdata field
% ‘gcb’- get current block.
userdata = ssGetUserData(gcb); % Get user data
ax = userdata.ax; % Access 'ax' from the user data
% Update 'ax' in the user data
userdata.ax = ax; % Update 'ax' in user data
ssSetUserData(gcb, userdata); % Set user data
% sample output-function can be like this
function sys = mdlOutputs(t, x, u)
% Retrieve 'ax' from the userdata field
userdata = ssGetUserData(gcb); % Get user data
ax = userdata.ax; % Access 'ax' from the user data
sys = [x(1); ax];
Please refer to the MathWorks documentation links to know more about
Hope it helps.


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