mex giving error in Matlab R2015a

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Kraka Doros
Kraka Doros le 22 Avr 2022
Commenté : Bruno Luong le 1 Mai 2022
MatlabR2015a in Windows10 Pro (Version 10.0.14393)
>> mex FGG_Convolution1D.c
Building with 'lcc-win32'.
Error using mex
Writing library for FGG_Convolution1D.mexw32.
Since 12 hours, i tried everything with no success. I already had install SDK, but after did not work, uninstall it. Now i have installed Microsift NET Framework 4.62 SDK and Microsift NET Framework 4.62 Targeting Pack, (not work, too). I also have installed MATLAB Runtime 8.5. I download NUFFT codes but do not work (even for FORTRAN).
I have very little expirience with compiling. If somebody can help me , must explaine very detailed and step by step.
My goal is to make a Non Uniform Fast Fourier Analysis.
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Bruno Luong
Bruno Luong le 1 Mai 2022
Such question seems to be more appropriate to be directed to whom ever the author of the code.
Here most of us don't kwow this code (I guess) I can't answer how to use it.

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