How to save plotted data in "Sensor Array Analyzer"

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Jon Kraft
Jon Kraft le 25 Avr 2022
Réponse apportée : Chandu le 28 Avr 2022
In the Sensor Array Analyzer, I just want to save the x and y data of a directivity plot. For example:
How can I save this data, preferably to a csv type format? Thanks!
  • Jon

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Chandu le 28 Avr 2022
The plot in the Sensor Array Analyzer can be saved as an image (Use “Save As” Option). Besides this, the plot can be saved as MATLAB Fig (.fig ) file.
To save the X and Y coordinate data, extract the directivity data points using "patternAzimuth" MATLAB Function and create a vector as follows and save using "writematrix" function (Excel/CSV, etc)
directivity = patternAzimuth (Array, Frequency, cutAngle)
result= [AzimuthAngle, directivity]
writematrix (result, filename.csv)
Refer to patternAzimuth, writematrixMathWorks Documentation for future reference.


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