Why do I get a different result when running code in editor vs. in command window?

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I have a very strange bug which I cant seem to fix. When I run the following code in either the editor or the command window I get different results. One results in a simple cell array of doubles (when running in editor window) and one results in a array of complex doubles (when running in command window).
The code is:
pre_h_hursts = zeros(1,length(file_list));
for p = 1:length(file_list)
pre_h_hursts_parts = dfaedit(a_pre_h{1,p},0,0,0);
pre_h_hursts(1,p) = pre_h_hursts_parts;
The results of running the code in the editor (as a section within a larger script) are saved in the files "editor_pre_h_hursts.mat" and "editor_pre_h_hursts_parts.mat" and the results from running the code in the command window are saved in the files "command_pre_h_hursts.mat" and "command_pre_h_hursts_parts.mat".
Does anyone have an idea why this is?
EDIT: I also found the that when I run the code in a new editor window in a new script (not part of a longer script) I also get the array of complex doubles as a result.

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