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Saving figure with large number of data points.

Asked by mashtine on 19 Jan 2015
Latest activity Commented on by mashtine on 20 Jan 2015
Hi everyone,
I have a figure with 6 scatter subplots on it, each with a large number of data points on them (unfortunately, I need to show all to capture outliers). The obviously consumes a lot of memory and the situation only worsens when saving using the following:
print -dpdf -r300 example.pdf;
Not only does it take extremely long but when I am finished the pdf is cut oddly and does not match the matlab figure. I setup my figure size with the following:
set(h1,'PaperPosition', [1 1 28 19]);
set(0,'defaultfigurecolor',[1 1 1])
I know matlab is doing some compression in the background but is there a way to make this save more efficient as well as in the correct orientation? I do not like the quality of export_fig but if it is the best option then I have no choice. It is also equally slow.


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Answer by Chris Barnhart on 19 Jan 2015
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Try using saveas to save the figure as an image.
These formats would contain one 'int' per pixel, even if many data points were plotted there.
I prefer PNG as JPG could contain artifacts.
Plotting with a marker '.'
>> numpts=1e5; iii=1:numpts; plot( sin(3*pi*iii/numpts)+rand(size(iii)),'.') >> saveas(gcf,'t1.png','png'); saveas(gcf,'t1.pdf','pdf')
t1.pdf ~= 1.5Mb t1.png = 86k
Plotting with lines - the PDF is able to compress some how. t1.pdf = 109k t1.png = 27k
Also, I recall that with older matlabs, the PNG resolution was greater if figure was large on the screen. With 2014b doesn't seem to be that way.

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Thank you Chris!

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