Getting error message "No method 'isKey' with matching signature found for class 'containers.Map'" when using GPUCoder

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I am using Matlab 2017b on Windows 7 with a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 590. I am trying to use the GPUCoder.
I tried to build the Mandelbrot example code and I get this error message: "No method 'isKey' with matching signature found for class 'containers.Map'".
Even when I try to build an empty function with an input argument, I get this error message. All steps before the final build work fine. Does anyone know how to fix this?

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Sayan Saha
Sayan Saha on 12 May 2022
Hi Le,
This error is likely coming because a compatible C++ compiler has not been setup in your MATLAB installation yet. Please follow the steps in documentation to setup all the necessary pre-requisites for generating code with GPU Coder.





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