Thingspeak ESPHome configuration error

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Matthias Borremans
Matthias Borremans on 2 May 2022
Hi all,
my esphome which is correctly reading pH values, should send it's info to thingspeak using mqtt protocol. In the logs, it's shortly connecting and immediately disconnecint: TCP disconnected My current config is as follows
username: usernamefromMQTT
password: passwordfromMQTT
client_id: ClienIDFromMQTT
discovery: 'false'
discovery_retain: 'false'
- interval: 3sec
- mqtt.publish:
topic: channels/channelID/publish/WriteAPIKey
payload: field1=pH
- platform: ads1115
multiplexer: 'A0_GND'
gain: 6.144
id: pH
name: "pH measurement"
unit_of_measurement: "pH"
accuracy_decimals: 1
state_class: "measurement"
update_interval: 1s
retain: false
- calibrate_linear:
- 0.00 -> 0.0
- 2.363 -> 7.0
- 5.00 -> 14.0

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Christopher Stapels
Christopher Stapels on 2 May 2022
Edited: Christopher Stapels on 2 May 2022
Your topic syntax is incorrect. The syntax has changed from the previous MQTT broker. Have a look at the MQTT publish to a feed documentation for the correct syntax. Make sure you enable the device to publish to the channel you intend in the MQTT devices section.
Christopher Stapels
Christopher Stapels on 2 May 2022
looks better! Did you add the channel to your MQTT device permissions? If so, I think it should work.
Do you have a paid license? If not, the interval (3 seconds) is too small, you can only publish every 15 seconds for a free license, and you would be wasting seerver time with the extra requests.

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