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How to fuse the HOG and LBP features for a given set of images ?

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I have extracted HOG features and LBP features seperately for my dataset. now, I want to fuse these features. but I don't know how to fuse the features.

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Birju Patel
Birju Patel le 5 Mai 2022
The easiest method to fuse HOG and LBP is to simply concatenate them into one long feature vector:
hog = extractHOGFeatures(...)
lbp = extractLBPFeatures(...)
fused = [hog lbp]
The fused feature vector can then be used to train a machine learning model.
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santhosh kumar buddepu
santhosh kumar buddepu le 6 Mai 2022
Thank you sir, but is concatenation can be treated as fusion? is there any fusing algorithms specially available

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