EEGLAB and SIFT updatedipplot() error

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Sandura Shumba
Sandura Shumba on 4 May 2022
Hi, i am very new to EEGLAB, please bare with me if this error is a result of something i am doing. I have several EEG .edf all from different patients. I wanted to work out specific effective connectivity for each of the .edf files. I downloaded the SIFT plugin for EEGLAB for this purpose. I followed the tutorial exactly, with t exception that the .edf files use channels as apose to components. I followed the process of SIFT
  1. Pre-processing
  2. Model fitting and validation
  3. ConnectivityOnce this is done i go to connectivity and when i attempt to view the time frequency grid i get the following error
Does anyone have experience with this error? am i doing something wrong in my process?
thank you in advance for the assistance

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