Matlab Screen Size incorrect

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Trevor Harris
Trevor Harris le 23 Jan 2015
Réponse apportée : Petorr le 13 Déc 2017
Seems as if with matlab 2014b the screen size query is off. Have a look at the attached screenshot. Obviously they disagree. Has anyone seen this before?
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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson le 12 Avr 2016
Do you have multiple displays?

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Michelle Hirsch
Michelle Hirsch le 26 Jan 2015
Did you by chance change the screen resolution after starting MATLAB. The ScreenSize property is fixed when MATLAB starts up. If that's not it, I don't have any other ideas.

Guillaume le 23 Jan 2015
Certainly don't know why the discrepancy.
If you do need the screen size in matlab, you could always go through .Net (Windows only), or java.
With .Net:
rect = System.Windows.Forms.Screen.PrimaryScreen.Bounds
screensize = [rect.Width rect.Height]
With java:
ge = java.awt.GraphicsEnvironment.getLocalGraphicsEnvironment;
gd = ge.getDefaultScreenDevice;
screensize = [gd.getDisplayMode.getWidth gd.getDisplayMode.getHeight]
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Yuval Harpaz
Yuval Harpaz le 12 Avr 2016
I got different answer for the two methods! using Java screensize = [3840 2160] (same as windows default on my laptop), and using .NET or get(0, 'screensize') it is [1536 864], and in inches it is 9 by 16 for a 15" screen.
Guillaume le 12 Avr 2016
Modifié(e) : Guillaume le 6 Mar 2017
I suspect that Java is giving you the true screen size, whereas matlab and .Net is giving you the screen size scaled by the DPI scaling (under set custom text size in the display control panel) which you probably have set to 'Larger - 150%'.
A 'DPI aware' application should use the latter size because that's the size of the canvas that Windows provides to application for displaying stuff.

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst le 23 Jan 2015
It's fine for me. It matches up fine.

Matt le 6 Mar 2017
Modifié(e) : Matt le 6 Mar 2017
Further to Guillaumes comment, which I hadn't actually seen.
I have just had this issue myself. Screensize returned a size in pixels/resolution of 1536x864 on a screen I knew was 1080p capable and set to 1920x1080 resolution.
I right clicked on my Matlab shortcut, and ticked "Disable Display Scaling on High DPI Settings" and now screensize is returned as 1920x1080 as I would expect.
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Guillaume le 6 Mar 2017
and now screensize is returned [] as I would expect
Well, both results are actually as expected. When you have display scaling on, the effective resolution of 1536x864 pixels. That is, if you were to draw a rectangle that size in matlab it would fill up the screen. Windows rescale that rectangle to 1920x1080 to compensate for the higher DPI.
If you turn display scaling off, Windows does no virtualisation, so you indeed need 1920x1080 pixels to fill the screen. The downside is that text may be harder to read as it is smaller.
In the end, as I commented, the size reported by Matlab or .Net is the one you should use, regardless of the actual number of pixels of your screen. The size reported by Java is actually less useful.

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Petorr le 13 Déc 2017
I had a similar issue; I think it was because I un-docked my laptop and then re-docked it (I have a dual-monitor display dock), and the monitor info may have not updated accordingly. I restarted matlab and things returned to normal. I am using get(0,'MonitorPositions').


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