Having difficulty with examples using the socModelCreator to from the SoC Blockset

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I have been trying to work through examples targetting Xilinx ZCU111 RFSoC using the SoC Blockset. The examples I have been trying to follow use the socModelCreator tool and I have been having difficulty following the steps in the examples.
The examples prompt me to use the socModelCreator tool, however this replaces the FPGA & Proocessor blocks with a blank model, preventing me from simulating. However if I skip this step, I can run the simulation but get an error when trying to build the model for deployment on hardware using the SoC Builder. The model also passes the validation stage of the process.
If anyone has any advice on how to fix this/ get the example working it would be greatly appreciated.
The Error I receive is:

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Chandra Adusumalli
Chandra Adusumalli le 13 Mai 2022
You need to install 3rd party software tools after installing SoC Blockset supportpackage for Xilinx devices. Please follow the below link for complete installation.
In the example page (Transmit Signal Waveform Using DDR4 on Xilinx RFSoC Device - MATLAB & Simulink - MathWorks United Kingdom), follow the Implement and Run on Hardware section to run the example on hardware. As per your error in the screen shot, you selected 'Build, load. and run' option in 'Select Build Action' screen of SoCBuilder. But you need to select 'Build and load for external mode' option as shown in the image.
After bitstream generation before running the model on hardware , please follow the "Hardware Setup for ZCU111 Board" section of example page. But in this section third bullet point was missed. See the below updated same section with third bullt point in bold. Once you follow these steps, example will work on hardware.
Hardware Setup for ZCU111 Board
To complete the loopback between the DAC and ADC channels, connect the SMA connectors on the XM500 balun card according to this connect: DAC229_T1_CH2(J5) to ADC224_T0_CH0(J4).
After the bit file is loaded, open the generated software model and follow these steps.
  • Copy the spectrum analyzer from the top model, and connect the spectrum analyzer to the Unpack data block as the next figure shows.
  • Open Configuration Parameters window by clicking Hardware Settings on the System on Chip tab of the Simulink Toolstrip. In the Configuration Parameters window, in the Hardware board settings section, expand Target hardware resources. Under Groups, click External mode. Specify the IP address for your XCP on TCP/IP communication interface as a dotted-quad value.
  • Copy the binary file 5GNRWave.bin from the current directory to the target by using following commands. Ensure that the correct hardware board IP address is used while creating the hardware board object.
hwObj = socHardwareBoard('Xilinx Zynq UltraScale+ RFSoC ZCU111 Evaluation Kit',"hostname",'',"username",'root',"password",'root');
hwObj.putFile('5GNRWave.bin', '/mnt/5GNRWave.bin');

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Jim Esmond
Jim Esmond le 18 Mai 2022
Hi Chandra, this has cleared everything up. Thank you very much.

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