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dsp.Window future removal - future replacements?

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Joshua Ford
Joshua Ford le 10 Mai 2022
Réponse apportée : Nihal le 23 Nov 2023
I have seen that the dsp.Window system object will be removed soon. In the future how will you be able to use window functions if current iterations are not supported for code generation.
For example, I have replaced a hann window function with the dsp.Window function for fixed point code. How will this be possible in the future?

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Nihal le 23 Nov 2023
Hi Joshua,
I recognize your concern regarding the deprecation of dsp.Window. As an alternative, you can utilize the window function in place of dsp.Window. For additional details and guidance, please consult the following documentation : https://www.mathworks.com/help/signal/ref/window.html
I hope this resolved your query.




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