What is the Len function do? It used to exist in MatLab 4.2, but now it doesn't any insight?

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R11o = [R11*cos(pi/2-phi2o-nu8),R11*sin(pi/2-phi2o-nu8)];
R023o = [R023*cos(pi/phi2o), R023*sin(pi/phi2o)];
R114o = [-R114*sin(nu7-pi/2+phi3o),-R114*cos(nu7-pi/2+phi3o)];
cthet10 = dot((R11o-R023o),R114o)/(len(R11o-R023o)*len(R114o));
Lsnlo = sqrt(Len(R114o)^2+len(R11o-R023o)^2-2*len(R114o)*len(R11o-R023o)*cthet10);

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the cyclist
the cyclist on 21 May 2022
To my knowledge, there has never been a function called len() or Len() in MATLAB.
But, I wonder in your case if len() is a user-defined function, and that Len() is a typo with the first letter capitalized. MATLAB is case-sensitive, so Len() will not work in place of len().
What does
which len
which Len
give as output?
John D'Errico
John D'Errico on 22 May 2022
Sorry. But I also do not remember a function called len (and my time using MATLAB goes back to a fair bit before that release.) You may not think it was user defined, but it probably was. Or you got it from somewhere or someone. Then when you got a new release, it is no longer defined, because len was only on the old search path for the old release.
If you have not trashed the old release directories, or they can be found from a backup, you can hopefully recover it.

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