how do I input a one-way anova function?

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I have 4 sample sizes. The first one has 11 observations, the second and fourth ones have 9 and the third one has 8. I am told that as inputs I have to include these 4 samples and the level of significance which in this case is 0.05. How do i make this function in such a way that gives me one-way anova results please?
Thank you in advance

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Jeff Miller
Jeff Miller on 27 May 2022
scores = []; % list the 37 scores inside the brackets, all of group 1 first, then group 2, etc
group = {'a' 'a' 'a' } % list 37 group codes, i.e. 11 a's for group 1, then 9 'b's for group 2, etc
[p,tbl,stats] = anova1(scores,group);
The p value is part of the output and you can just check whether it is less than 0.05
Valentina Richard
Valentina Richard on 31 May 2022
I will let you know when I try it out. Many thanks

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