I want to optimize two variables

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MEKDES KASSA on 2 Jun 2022
Answered: M Mirrashid on 5 Jun 2022
I end up on equation as shown below.
B is bounded and Ui is known.
I want to find maximum of u and p combination by varing B.
how can i do that? can i have a plot also?
Torsten on 2 Jun 2022
p get a priority .....but u shouldn't be low too
Too vague for an optimization.

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Answers (2)

Sam Chak
Sam Chak on 2 Jun 2022
Since u and p are the variables, geometrically, this equation is a plane (flat surface)
By varying B, the plane moves can up and down in the z-axis direction in the 3D space.
I'm visualizing, do you think there are maxima if u and p are unconstrained?
MEKDES KASSA on 2 Jun 2022
they are matrixes and u is between 0 and 200. p rely on u.

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M Mirrashid
M Mirrashid on 5 Jun 2022




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