Reading FITS files doesn't work

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Ali Almakhmari
Ali Almakhmari on 3 Jun 2022
Commented: Jan on 3 Jun 2022
For some reason I can't read this FITS file...or any FITS files. I keep getting an error that says index out of range. And when I tried removing the "bintable" input I get an empty data variable. I attached the FITS file in a google drive link cause its more than 5 MB. I hope someone can help here.
data = fitsread("emm_exi_l2a_20210831T234418_0101_xos1_f437_r_v04-01.fits", "bintable")
Jan on 3 Jun 2022
@Ali Almakhmari: Please post a copy of the complete error message. Why do you get an error but Rik does not?

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