Defining pmsm parameters for delta configuration

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I am trying to define the parameters for a PMSM in delta configuration in SimScape. By considering the layout diagram for the wye wound configuration in the help window related to the block I can see that the phase-phase terminal resistance and inductance specified on the datasheet should be divided by 2 to define the 'per phase' resistance and axis inductances for the pmsm.
I am not so clear on defining these parameters for a delta wound configuration as there is no layout diagram for this, does the winding configuration influence how these parameters are defined? From looking at other delta wound layout diagrams I would be leaning towards not dividing these parameters by 2.

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Dr Narayanaswamy P R Iyer
The resistance and inductance values must be multiplied by 2/3 to get the per phase values for delta configuration. Thanks. DR. N P R IYER.


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