Create a function for set name, user, password for sql database

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Hi guys,
I want to create a file with a function inside for call every time a want to connect to a sql database inside of a script of a gui with manny connection.
Now I use this script to connect to it but when the password it's changed I must to change many places the pass:
conn = database('root', '****', '****');
curs = exec(conn, 'SELECT * FROM prices.prices order by Crt desc limit 200 ');
curs = fetch(curs);
data1 = curs.Data;
clear curs conn
If you could give me an example will be highly appreciated !
Thank you!

Accepted Answer

Rik on 13 Jun 2022
Why don't you use a variable that contains the password? Or a function that returns the password as a char array? That way you only have to change one place.
Rik on 13 Jun 2022
Glad to be of help.
setappdata will work, but you can also store the password in one of the guidata fields. For general advice and examples for how to create a GUI (and avoid using GUIDE), have look at this thread.

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