How to get the matlab code for "viptraffic" demo which is available in matlab?

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I came to know about a demo "viptraffic" or (TRACKING CARS USING BACKGROUND ESTIMATION) which is present in the matlab. I need a code in matlab or computer vision for that model.It can be opened in such a way that
1. go to "matlab help"
2. under "matlab help",on the left corner, select "demos"
3. under "demos", select "BLOCKSETS",
4. under "blocksets", select "video and image processing".
5. In that we are having a model of "TRACKING CARS USING BACKGROUND ESTIMATION", open that model (which is present at top right corner),
6. A window will pop up, heading is "viptraffic_win"
7. go to simulation -under simulation press "start" option.
Please can any one help me in getting a matlab code for that model.Thanks in advance. Please don't ignore the request.

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Michelle Hirsch
Michelle Hirsch le 2 Fév 2015
Avinash - This example is implemented as a Simulink model. There is no fundamental underlying MATLAB code to Simulink models. The window that opens up in your step 6 is the Simulink model. The Simulink model is comprised of Simulink blocks, not MATLAB code.
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AVINASH le 3 Fév 2015
Thank you madam. One more thing madam, that do you know about the implementation of "real time people counting using image processing" using a camera in matlab. It should count the number of people entering and number of people leaving the room. Camera is mounted at the top of door. I already posted many questions on this, but I didn't get any reply. If you are knowing, please help me out. Or you can guide me by giving some web links.

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