eeg data to move a motor

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Gabriel Enzo
Gabriel Enzo on 22 Jun 2022
Commented: Gabriel Enzo on 24 Jun 2022
hello, i want to ask about how to move the motor in wheelchair with eeg data that i processed in matlab, please help because it's quite stuck, maybe i will use arduino or matlab directly
Gabriel Enzo
Gabriel Enzo on 23 Jun 2022
i'm confused in filtering that raw data in the matlab program, and for the class list just to go ahead and stop only

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Accepted Answer

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 23 Jun 2022
Create a numeric array in which each row is a different (fixed-length) eeg sample, and in which you have another variable which indicates which class number each row is associated with.
Then at the command line command
and use the tool to design an ANN for classification purposes.
Gabriel Enzo
Gabriel Enzo on 24 Jun 2022
ok, I've found a way to retrieve, thanks in advance for the help

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