Alphabets glitch on matlab screen

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For the past few weeks, my matlab screen has displayed some alphabets (in a grey box with a black border) on the editor screen (near the title of the code). It doesn't interfere with my work. But now I'm curious what the cause could be. Is it a glitch or something I'm doing that causes it?
Thank you for your time.

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 1 Jul 2022
Are you using Windows? Did you by chance happen to hit the Alt key? That will do that. But typing Alt again or clicking anywhere will make them go away.
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Dolly More
Dolly More on 2 Jul 2022
Yes, I am using Windows. I may have pressed the Alt key.
When I pressed the Alt key again, it displayed new alphabets that I could remove, but the old ones remained.
I'm hoping the alphabets will disappear once I restart the PC.
Thank you!

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