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PIL Mode Function Level Profiling with ezdspF28335 crashes Matlab

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Mike Bardill
Mike Bardill on 6 Feb 2015
I am using R2013a to do some PIL mode running with the ezdspF28335 board. If I ask for 'task' level profiling in the configuration then everything works absolutely fine and I get the profiling data and it all looks good. I would like to get 'function' level profiling metrics as well. If I select this in the configuration and then attempt to run the model in PIL mode Matlab crashes out with a stack dump. Restarting and trying again produces the same result.
Is there any reason why function level profiling should not work for PIL mode using the ezdspF28335 target board? Is there a workaround that I could try to get this to work at all?
Tool version: r2013a Target board: Spectrum Digital ezdspF28335 Target link: serial com port (SCIA)


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