Create a blockage in a pipe and simulate in Simulink

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Adeyemi Taylor
Adeyemi Taylor le 21 Juil 2022
Commenté : Kwabena le 3 Fév 2024
I need help on how to create a blockage in a pipe and simulate it in simulink. I want to be able to create a total blockage in a particular point on the pipeline.
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Jon le 2 Août 2022
Actually, from your diagram it looks like you are using Simscape. I'm sorry but I don't have this product on my computer and am not familiar with how to use it.
Kwabena le 3 Fév 2024
Anyone who can help me generate a CODE for a pipe with blockage . thank you

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Yifeng Tang
Yifeng Tang le 25 Jan 2023
HI Adeyemi,
The easiest thing to do is to use a Variable Local Restriction and closes it when you want the blockage to occur. You can use a time-varying signal (like a step) to generate a sudden closure of the restriction, i.e. blockage.
You'll probably notice that this is not TOTAL blockage as the restriction has a minimum leakage area. This minimum area is both realistic and numerically necessary. No blockage has absolutely zero leakage. And to totally break the connect at a point means a different set of equations for your system. This requires Simscape to recompile all the equations and solve a different set of equations, which cannot be done within one single simulation. So, just make the leakage area reasonable small (not crazy small) so that the leakage flow doesn't make any practical difference.


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