Power system reliability with renewable DGs

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rohit m
rohit m on 9 Feb 2015
Answered: mahmud Soso on 29 Mar 2018
I am doing research in reliability assessment of power systems, mainly in distribution system reliability assesssment with penetration of renewable DGs (Wind, Solar) etc. In this regard I require few suggestions on :
1. How can I analyze a radial feeder and calculate the reliability indices using Simulink.
2. How can I Model the intermittency of renewable DGs. Is there any toolbox in MATLAB/Simulink for such studies.
Please suggest any possible solutions
thanks rohit

Answers (2)

A Jenkins
A Jenkins on 9 Feb 2015
For Simulink, take a look at SimPowerSystems.
However, I think non-Mathworks products such as Homer, PowerWorld, or PSSE may also be good candidates you could consider.

mahmud Soso
mahmud Soso on 29 Mar 2018
hi, i am working on the a very similar project as you and wanted to inquire, if you ended up figuring it out how to obtain the reliability indices through simulink?

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