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Can you specifiy an action when MATLAB throws an error

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Ali Almakhmari
Ali Almakhmari le 26 Juil 2022
I am working on a very complex project (code) with limited memory on my laptop. There is a gigantic variable in my for loop that increases in size with each iteration until MATLAB throws me an error with no enough memory and that the variable is too big. Now my question is: how can I specify a certain action when MATLAB throws that error my way. For example, when I get that error, I want MATLAB to clear that gigantic variable and restart the for loop. Is this possible? If it is, can you give me few lines of code to achieve this? Thanks in advance.
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dpb le 26 Juil 2022
There's try, catch that lets you continue after an error, but given the way the Q? is phrased it sounds as though you may well be dynamically reallocating the array each iteration as well. I'd suggest preallocating an array of some maximum size you know you can allocate and then allocate into it on each iteration instead; then you can/will know when you reach that array size and can take action before the fatal crash.

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David Hill
David Hill le 26 Juil 2022
while %whatever you want
for k=1:100
%calculation leading to gigantic variable
clear gigantic
break;%restarts for-loop

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